Albemarle House

Albemarle House

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Brown’s Hotel, Lord Byron and Oscar Wilde.

Albemarle Street has historic associations with all three.

This presentation is crafted to reflect the most exquisite style of Albemarle, with it’s noble appearance and characterful nature, shrouded in artistic heritage.

Gorgeous Artistic Appeal, Stunning Beauty.

The graceful essence within this house is delineated through delicate stuccoes and delightful window arches.

Encapsulating historic London culture; vintage sash windows and bona fide lucarnes shower the design, holding true to the prestige of the period.

As with our other presentations, Albemarle House features bespoke corner quoins and attractive dentil cornices.

Built to behold intrinsic value to your family for generations to come, this presentation offers itself as an outstanding bespoke heirloom that will stand the test of time.

Remarkable Detail, Distinct Craftsmanship.

Your house has been skillfully crafted by a plethora of designers that all together have over forty years of craftsmanship experience, fully dedicated to bespoking you a personal gift that is like no other, that you may treasure far into the future.

We understand that your investment into us and our presentations extends beyond our products, so our values reflect our expertise.

  • Local British sources are utilised in every part of our presentations, we do not use any incapable overseas parts that may break upon use.

  • Superior quality control ensures all houses are heavily scrutinized before leaving us, meaning every presentation is pristine as soon as it arrives at your residence.

  • We use child-safe paint, so no need to worry about any harsh chemicals used.

  • Immaculate cleaning made easy with our specialised wipe-free coating.

  • Lasting quality for you to cherish throughout the years, thanks to our impeccably high quality wood structuring.

  • Meticulously luxurious appearance that seamlessly blends into even the finest grand foyer, cloak room, gallery, ballroom, game room, library, billiard room, bedroom, ballroom or any other living areas. Thanks to it’s symmetrical design and lathered with deep, lavish and pertinent colouring options.

1:12 scale.

Available in a colour of your choice.

You may wish to present this piece upon a foundational plinth, to elevate the artistic beauty and show off your masterpiece. This is available engraved and is lavishly painted with deep deluxe colours. Please select below if you would like this as part of your purchase.

To protect your presentation against dust, fumbles or any mishap, we offer a luxury protective housing trunk to place over the piece. This is also available engraved and is lavishly painted with deep deluxe colours. Please select below if you would like this as part of your purchase.

Invest In Your Family’s Future, With Albemarle House.

Should you be interested in bespoke finishing touches such as a number embellishment placed upon the entrance door or any other unique ornamentation to ensure your presentation is exclusive and individual to you and your family, you may request a consultation from Kelly Wiltshire, owner of The Dolls House Workshop, who will ensure your design is one of a kind.

Should you wish to spread the cost of a presentation over a specific time period, please see our Dolls’ House Mortgage page for more information.

Turnaround time for this presentation is 4-6 weeks.

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